New Mexico Clay Retail Store is OPEN! 
9am to 5:30 M-F 10am to 4pm Saturday.

The Rules: 10 Customers Max, Masks Required

We are shipping web and phone orders and Delivery & Curbside Pickup still Available!

                             That Cavrona Virus!

Currently, we are operating with a reduced crew . We work hard to make sure your shipped and curbside orders are ready for you on time. Please allow extra time for processing and order fulfillment, including curbside pickup.

Shipped orders are our preferred method of ensuring that you get supplies, as they reduce person to person contact the greatest. If you do need a curbside pickup we would appreciate you keep the following in mind:
We need your help to ensure continued, safe pickups. 
Thank you for your patronage and cooperation,

New Mexico Clay, Inc

A real store with real people!

Who are we? We were a real store with 19 employees, (now we have only 11 at one time) we have been at the same location for 38 years. 

We are a top Duncan ceramics distributor in the USA.

NMCLAY produces millions of pounds of clay for potters, hobbyists and giftware manufacturers each year.