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Pottery and Ceramics Books of all kinds from Airbrushing to Wheel throwing.

  • Clay Culture: Plasters, Paints...

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    Clay Culture: Plasters, Paints...
  • Ceramic Projects: Forming Techniques

    Ceramic Projects: Forming Techniques
  • In the Potter's Kitchen

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    In the Potter's Kitchen

    This book comes out Sumi von Dassow’s love of both cooking and pottery, and her desire to share both passions with as many people as possible. You’ll discover information on materials, glazes and what to consider when making pots to cook in and serve on. You’ll also find many step-by-step techniques for creating casseroles to tagines, as well as scores of examples from dozens of artists, well-tested recipes and more. If you are a potter who loves to cook (or a cook who loves to pot), happy potting, and bon appétit!

  • Throwing Large by Nic Collins


    Throwing Large by Nic Collins

  • Ceramic Spectrum 2nd Edition

    Ceramic Spectrum 2nd Edition