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Pottery and Ceramics Books of all kinds from Airbrushing to Wheel throwing.

  • The Electric Kiln

    1.6 lbs.
    The Electric Kiln
  • Techniques Using Slips

    1 lbs.
    Techniques Using Slips
  • Mastering Cone 6 Glazes

    2 lbs.

    Mastering Cone 6 Glazes

    Potters John Hesselberth and Ron Roy present this invaluable resource for potters working with cone 6 glazes. Compared to the more traditional cone 10 method, the relatively lower firing temperature of cone 6 (2,232°F) results in faster kiln heating and cooling times, and the availability of a more diverse color palette for artists to work with. The different temperature range requires compatible glazes. Beyond that, Mastering Cone 6 Glazes provides a wealth of information for all potters, firing at a variety of temperatures, especially on the subjects of durability and cooling.

  • The Magic of Clay by Adalucia

    1 lbs.
    The Magic of Clay by Adalucia
  • Messages From The High Desert

    5 lbs.
    Messages From The High Desert
  • The Kiln Book 4th Edition

    1 lbs.
    The Kiln Book 4th Edition
  • Born of Fire: The Pottery of Margaret Tafoya

    5 lbs.

    Regarded as one of the great masters of Pueblo ceramics, Margaret Tafoya (1904–2001) is known for her trademark large black polished ceramics decorated with traditional imagery of rain clouds, water serpents, bear paws, and other symbols.

  • Tasting New Mexico

    3 lbs.


    Recipes Celebrating One Hundred Years of Distinctive Home Cooking

    Cheryl Alters Jamison, Author

    Bill Jamison, Author

    "Tasting New Mexico" celebrates the state's truly distinctive cooking, a blend of Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo influences, in one hundred recipes from throughout the past century.


    "Cheryl and Bill Jamison write with passion and wit." 
    -Edible Santa Fe


    "[This] oversized cookbook, designated an official project of New Mexico's centennial, traces the roots of New Mexico cooking much further back than a century. The book opens with a detailed history of the cultural and ethnic influences on New Mexico food from pre-Columbian times... There are dozens of personal, literary, and historical asides in the margins of the 100 recipes the Jamisons have chosen." 

  • Talking with the Clay, 20th Ann.

    1.5 lbs.

    Talking with the Clay, 20th Ann.

  • In the Potter's Kitchen

    2 lbs.

    In the Potter's Kitchen

    This book comes out Sumi von Dassow’s love of both cooking and pottery, and her desire to share both passions with as many people as possible. You’ll discover information on materials, glazes and what to consider when making pots to cook in and serve on. You’ll also find many step-by-step techniques for creating casseroles to tagines, as well as scores of examples from dozens of artists, well-tested recipes and more. If you are a potter who loves to cook (or a cook who loves to pot), happy potting, and bon appétit!

  • The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes

    1.5 lbs.
    The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes
    Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes
    by John Britt
    With hundreds of recipes for some of the most popular and enduring high-fire glazes, this reference will prove a boon to ceramists who want to master this complex and versatile aspect of the art. Author John Britt, who served as Clay Coordinator at the respected Penland School of Crafts, has personally tested many of the recipes, and carefully reviews every one. He offers a thorough examination of glaze materials, chemistry, and tools, and presents the basics of mixing, application, and firing procedures. There’s a wealth of information on various type of glazes, including copper, iron, shino, salt/soda, crystalline, and more. An exhaustive index of subjects and a separate index of glaze recipes will help ceramists find what they need, quickly and easily.
  • Modeling The Head In Clay

    2 lbs.
    Modeling The Head In Clay
  • Ceramics Monthly

    1 lbs.
    Ceramics Monthly
  • Essential Guide to Mold Mak & Slip

    1.5 lbs.
    Essential Guide to Mold Mak & Slip