Amaco Potters Choice High Fire Glazes Cone 5-6

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KMT1022 240 Volt Cone 10


ESPECKLED Cone 5-6 stoneware

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Amaco Potters Choice High Fire Glazes Cone 5-6

Amaco Potters Choice Glazes
Cone 5-6 (PC)

Potter's Choice glaze series were intended for the serious ceramicist! 

These eye-catching glazes add flowing colors and effects to smooth or textured pots, with great results at Cone 5/6.

When using these glazes you have access to all of pottery making history. Check out the PC Layering charts to see all the amazing results you can try in your own studio!

  • Reduction Effects in Oxidation 
  • Variety of Colors and Surfaces 
  • Cone 5 / 6 
  • Limitless Layering Combinations!

PC-56 Ancient Copper Discontinued
We have been working on a reformulation of this glaze due to materials issues since last year. The possible variation was undergoing shelf-life testing with the expectation that it would be available late this fall.  We’ve now learned that the planned material replacement may be subject to ongoing stability issues. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to discontinue this item and proceed in another direction, with the goal being to develop a similar color without the same material issues.  We will let you know when it’s ready!

All orders and backorders for PC-56 Ancient Copper have been canceled for both part numbers: 
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