The Kiln Book 4th Edition

The Kiln Book 4th Edition
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"At last, art potters have a book that explains the construction of a kiln in the smallest detail. Potters, as well as students...will find The Kiln Book an expert and complete source."F. Cariton Ball from the ForewordFrederick Olsen's practical guide to the construction, maintenance and repair of electric and fuel-burning kilns has now been revised and expanded. Of special interest are the new problem-solving sections on fiber and modular construction. And, for these fuel-conscious times, the author has revised the construction methods for burners and firing systems in order to use gas and oil more efficiently; in response to the demand for alternate energy sources, he has also added instructions for building fastfire wood kilns.The Kiln Book covers the principles of efficient design, giving special attention to the correct kiln configuration for the ware that will be fired. Olsen evaluates refractory materials and covers building methods, with instructions for flues, curved and common walls, five types of bricklaying courses, and five types of arches. He includes plans for four firebox systems; for coal, oil-drip and forced-oil burners; and for butane, propane, and natural gas burners, complete with installation of pressure regulators and safety shutoff controls.Complete plans and instructions are provided for building a kiln of any size, of any type, for any purpose:Crossdraft: single and climbing chamber, tube, Bizen, La Borne tunnel, and tandem salt-glazing kilns Downdraft: Tajimi, circular dome, side-fired salt, and fastfire wood kilnsUpdraft: umbrella, pit, Muslim low-fire, circular, bottle, and raku or enamel kilnsElectric (no-draft): front- and top-loading, sectional, polygonal, and cubic kilnsFrederick Olsen is a potter and kiln designer who conducts kiln-building workshops throughout the United States, Australia, and Japan. He designs and sells kiln kits, and is a contributing editor to Studio Potter.

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